Ultracom 300 (Lab Unit)

  • Ultracom 300 (Lab Unit)Ultra-Com 300 (Lab Unit) is designed for laboratory use, on site demonstrations and testing sampling.  Only two services are required, a suitable air supply and an electrical connection point.  The unit is the ultimate in portability and features;

  • Powder flow can be accurately controlled by the air pressure regulator on the face of the unit.  Additional control can also be achieved by use of the flow regulator on the side of the spray gun.

  • Standard MG300 Electrostatic Powder Gun comes complete with a flat nozzle giving excellent penetration.  The system incorporates TOTAL ENERGY CONTROL (Patent Pending), Eurotec’s unique charging system giving automatic control of both current and voltage.

  • Front loading cup assembly (85gms/3ozs capacity) complete with small and medium deflectors for coating reference panels and instant color changes.

  • Side loading cup assembly 170gms/6ozs capacity) comes complete with small, medium and large deflectors, ideal for component trials.

  • Blow down gun included to facilitate colour change.

  • LED Lights indicates power on and static on.

  • Re-settable circuit breakers.

  • Adjustable electrical supply for worldwide use.