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We build  Inline Washers for all Cleaning Applications, Mild Steel or Stainless Steel Let us quote you a machine to your specs, we will save You money.



The picture above shows a 60ft long by 10ft high by 8ft wide  5 stage Stainless Steel unit with 2 Heated Tanks, which are fully insulated and 3 Non Heated Tanks. The part opening is 30" wide by 60" high with a 6fpm process time. Completely assembled and tested before shipping. All this machine for less than $138,000.00



  Units are built with Mild Steel or Stainless Steel or a combination of both also the pumps can be Cast Iron or Stainless Steel and have no internal seals so they last. These are a more expensive pump but it is the only practical solution for this application. 




If you would like a quote on a specific Washer please contact us by phone 719-389-3794 or e-mail us.

We will save You money on a new washer.